Fun and Useful Hot Tub Accessories

If you are a hot tub owner, you already know how much fun it is to own one. They are great for relaxing in alone or for entertaining friends and family at gatherings. However, what you may not know is that there is a whole world of accessories on the market today that can make your hot tub even more inviting than it already is. We’re going to show you a few of our top picks in hot tub accessories that can turn your hot tub into a hot spot for relaxing and entertaining.

Sound Systems
You may have thought that electrical gadgets and water do not mix. However, in the case of hot tub sound systems, they create the perfect compliment to each other. They come in a variety of styles and models and most have the capability to stream media from your iPod or other electronic device using Bluetooth technology and can play CDs. These systems are quite affordable, with a retail price of just under $200.

Lighting Systems
Most hot tubs are equipped with some kind of basic light. However, you can install a colored LED light system instead. These systems come with a variety of options like blinking, flashing and a rainbow of color choices. You can put on light shows for your guests or simply relax in the soothing blends of colors in the water. They are generally priced in the $20 range, which makes them even more attractive.

Cover Lifters
Removing your hot tub cover can be difficult and time consuming, which is why it’s a good idea to have cover lifter. Cover lifters can mount to the side or the bottom of your hot tub and make removing your spa cover a 1 person job. A cover lifter will help get you into your hot tub faster and lower the impact on your body from removing a heavy spa cover from your hot tub.

Seat Cushions and Pillowshot-tub-pillow
Specialized seat cushions and pillows can take your relaxation to a whole new level. These products are great for people with hip or back problems and for shorter people who need a boost when seated in the tub, due to water levels. They are comfortable as well and make a perfect addition to any home hot tub or spa.

Trays, Caddies and Bar stools
If you are entertaining and want to enjoy food or drinks while in your hot tub, caddies and bar stools made the perfect addition to any tub. You can get caddies that work like a tray and attach to the side of your tub or you can get complete bar sets with stools that stand beside the tub and create a bar/seating area. Either one are a good choice when it comes to entertaining.

Steps, Bars and Railings
If safety is a concern, there are a number of hot tub accessories that you can use to ensure a safe entry and exit to your hot tub. Steps come in a wide range of color options, styles and heights, which can make getting in and out of your tub lots easier. You simply sit them on the ground next to the tub and no special installation is required. As an added safety measure, you can also install bars and railings to hold on to when entering and exiting the tub.
Shop around with different merchants to find the accessories that are right for you. After all, your hot tub should reflect your tastes and personality so buy what you would enjoy!

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